Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Week Six: Reflection

Media Blog Reflection

Throughout this semester, I learned about advertising and the media’s effects on us.  I’ve learned how advertisers, especially large companies, use hidden techniques to convince the audience to purchase their product.  Because of this unit in advertising and media literacy, I’ve become more aware of subliminal messaging. It’s also shown me how important being an educated consumer actually is.  If you aren’t, companies will easily take advantage of you. You will be more likely to spend more on what you don’t need. If you’re educated, you’ll know when advertisers are using certain manipulation techniques on their customers.  You won’t be a victim. In order to avoid becoming changeable and dependent on others’ views everyone should learn to form their own. They can do this by understanding how to use media literacy skills (being able to think critically about media and its intentions).
Learning about this topic has not changed my media consumption.  I still am constantly on my phone or my computer. However, my awareness of what I’m doing has increased.  Before this lesson I was partially unaware of what the media was putting head (messages about women, politics…), now I am conscious of it.  I am constantly on my phone (and that may never change), but I actually know how to create my own opinions. Instead of believing and agreeing with what I see online, this unit has taught me to research further, in order to form my own beliefs.  
Keeping these media journals, has been a pretty good experience for me.  They allowed me to reflect back on some of my favorite shows, movies or things I’ve learned.  Posting media blogs gave me a platform to talk about what I wanted in a productive way. I hope that people enjoyed reading my blogs and understood my opinions.  

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Week Five: Free Post

Why Merida is a Great Role Model

In 2012, Disney produced a movie called "Brave".  It's about a princess named Merida who does not want to conform to her mother's wishes (for her to get married).  Because of this, she accidentally turns her mother into a bear (with magic), and has to fight to turn her back. As a Disney princess, Merida has a strong impact on young girls.  She shows them that there is more to a woman than just getting married.  Merida demonstrates a girls' courage, bravery, and independence. 
Not only does she prove that women don't have to just be a romantic interest, but her and her mother also show the strength of family relationships.  Most Disney princesses allow the prince to save them.  However,  Merida is a princess who fought for herself and her mother.   This movie is used to provide young girls with a role model who isn't just a pretty face.  The main character has her own weapon and proves that she can lead herself and her own kingdom.  Disney should be displaying more princesses like Merida, in order to provide stronger role models for young girls.
You can tell just by the pose, Merida takes on the movie posters that she's powerful:See the source image

Merida is able to change her fate and break boundaries.  Women are typically taught to follow the rules and stay inside the lines.  When producing this movie, Disney shows the younger generation that womens’ role in society is much more than what the media displays (a submissive house-wife).


Week Five: Miss-representation

Female Heroes 

The media has some pretty strong characters for men to look up to, especially in the super hero genre. Male super heroes typically have similar storylines where they save the world and get the girl of their dreams.  However, female superheroes are usually not taken seriously by the world.  People are too busy looking at their bodies to even worry about their powers and strength.  I believe that this all starts with their uniform.  Hollywood has this mindset that, "No one is going to take interest in a woman or a movie about one, unless she shows off her body."  This does the opposite of what they want.  When everyone goes home after watching a Wonder Woman movie, they aren't going to say, "Wow, I loved the final battle and the way she used a sword to beat the villain!"  Instead, most people will probably say, "I thought she looked hot, but what did you think of her outfit?"  If directors, costume designers and the rest of Hollywood were able to take women seriously, then they might be able to make a bold statement about women taking power.  This could be very helpful for teaching the next generation about what it means to be a woman.  Media can be quite impactful on us, even as younger children.
Image result for gal gadotin wonder womancostumeSee the source image

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Week Four: Free Post

Why Holly is the Best Dance Mom:

The show, "Dance Moms" is about a group of young dancers and their mothers.  The moms are constantly starting fights and trying to allow their children to get the spotlight.  Most of the moms either put too much pressure on their daughters, cause too  much drama or are really rude about the other kids.  On the other hand, there's one mom who stands out to me, because she does none of those things, Holly Frazier.  Holly is Nia's mom; she always tries to be fair , while still calmly fighting for her daughter. Nia was one of the girls on the original team (and she's the only one who didn't quit).  However, her opportunities for solo dances are few and far between.   Just like any mother, this irritates Holly, but she always manages to convey her feelings about this respectfully.  In comparison, many of the other moms scream at coach Abby, saying that the situation is totally unfair. 
Another reason why Holly is the superior dance mom is because of her respect for the other girls.  Even if Abby takes Nia's spotlight away and gives it to different kid, Holly supports Nia's teammate.  Many of the other moms (like Ashley and Jill) would make the child feel bad for Abby's decisions.  
Holly is the best dance mom because she tries to keep peace with others, doesn't lie about her intentions, remains calm in tough situations and always manages to support the other girls on the team.  Here is a clip of Holly trying to remind Abby that she hasn't paid enough attention to one of the duets.  Notice her calm/respectful mannerism, while still getting her point across.  On the other side of things, Jill blames the new kid for taking time away from her daughter (instead of accepting that the child did nothing wrong:

Monday, December 23, 2019

Week Four: Free Post

Michael or Raphael

I'm sure you have heard of the show, "Jane the Virgin."  Throughout the series, the main character, Jane tries to chose between two men, Michael or Rafael.  She had dated Michael for a couple years, but was accidentally, artificially, inseminated with Rafael's baby. The majority of people I talked to were team Michael, but I've always been team Rafael.  The thing is, Jane began to fall for Rafael when she was dating Michael.  If you are completely devoted to one person but then start having feelings for another, are you really as attached to the first person as you thought?  Jane wouldn't have thought of Rafael in that way had Michael been everything she wanted.  When Jane and Michael first met there was an instant spark. However the same thing happened when Jane met Rafael.  The only difference is that Jane and Rafael's spark was based on a true connection (when they talked about their dreams).  Jane and Michael's spark was created when Jane was drunk and a bit delusional.  It doesn't matter how long her and Michael dated, if Jane found a true connection with Rafael, would it be fair to Michael to continue their relationship.  Part of the reason that Jane and Rafael fall for each other later on is because of their son, Mateo.
Yes their family relationship gives Rafael an "unfair advantage" over Michael.  In the end family doesn't make the final call, Jane does.  Jane made her choice, and she chose Rafael.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Week Three: Free Post

Why Rory Wasn't as Great as we All Thought

The show "Gilmore Girls" is about a mother (Lorelai) and her daughter (Rory) navigating through life together.  Rory is seen as the perfect teenager.  She gets good grades, is responsible and makes friends very easily.  However, she may not be the angel that everyone saw her as.  Rory is what I like to call a big fish in a small pond.  She may seem perfect in her small town (Stars Hollow), but the second she is challenged and away from the townspeople she grew up with, she begins to expect things to work her way.  Her mother and the town shelter her, and give Rory the idea that she is the best and brightest girl in the world.  She later realizes that isn't true; everyone always has room to grow.  
You may be thinking, just because she's sheltered doesn't mean she did anything wrong. She may not have, but her self image gets her into trouble later. In season 4 episode 22, she sleeps with her ex boyfriend. This is bad because he's married. Of course, it's not all her fault, the main villain in this situation is her ex (Dean). He should know not to cheat. The thing that makes Rory at fault is her excuses for the situation. First she blames Dean's wife for making the marriage unhappy, then she says, "He's my Dean." Rory makes herself the victim and claims that she didn't do anything wrong, even though she knows she did. This is a chance for her to realize and accept that she's hurt other people who haven't done anything wrong. Instead she makes it all about her, when Dean's wife is the true victim.
Okay, so maybe she's just learning and growing up as a young adult. The only reason that this logic doesn't work is because she doesn't learn her lesson. Later in "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" (a continuation series), she makes the same mistake. Rory hooks up with her other ex, Logan (while he's engaged). Neither her or Logan seem to care about who they may be hurting. Rory continues to make mistakes throughout the series because of her outlook on life. She believes that the world revolves around her, and others' feelings don't matter. She just does what she wants without worrying about the consequences because her childhood has taught her that the rules don't apply to her, no matter how many people she hurts.
Here are Rory's excuses:

Monday, December 9, 2019

Week Two: Love Marks

Disney and Love Marks

Disney is a company that has been around for years.  It’s based around joy and magic. Disney attempts to put out a certain image.  It claims to be all about love, family and fun for all ages. This is how it forms its love mark.  The company’s target audiences are American families and children. They market specifically towards them.  
The commercial that will be used as an example of Disney’s marketing strategies is linked below.  In the commercial, Disney includes a baby duck. This provokes parents’ need to nurture. Because adults will feel the need to care for children and animals, they are more likely to have an emotional response.  This emotional reaction increases the chances of them buying the product (the commercial was for Disney World). The reason that the commercial was more directed to the parents/ adults, is because they are the ones who end up paying to go to the Disney park.  
Disney touches the lives of so many families and children.  This is because they try to fill every moment with excitement.  The children who later feel a connection and loyalty feel to the company also think that Disney feels the same way about them.  This is Disney’s love mark. They put out this image of faithfulness and love to the children that they have affected. Love marks allow companies like Disney to gain loyal and loving customers.
Here is a link to the commercial previously referenced:

Week Six: Reflection

Media Blog Reflection Throughout this semester, I learned about advertising and the media’s effects on us.  I’ve learned how advertisers,...